Spalted Hornbeam 5 String - Part II

If you haven't seen the previous blog post about this build, click here.

The Ebony fingerboard is slotted for 22 positions (33'' scale), and is lined with Maple veneers. Once the glue has dried, the veneers are trimmed flush with a chisel, followed by a cabinet scraper to remove any traces of glue, etc.

The fingerboard is cut slightly oversized, and then planed flush after being glued to the neck. The Luminlay side dot markers are then drilled and fitted.

At this point, I like to leave the neck for at least a week, to allow time for any movement in the wood to take place. The fingerboard is then ready for radius sanding. The neck is attached to a simple jig to keep the sanding block straight, and the 20'' radius is sanded by hand.

Before routing the neck pocket, I drill the holes for the neck bolts and ferrules. The neck pocket is then marked out, and the excess wood is removed with a forstner bit.

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