Walnut Bass - Final Stages

Apologies for the lack of blog updates lately! Here's a few pictures showing the final stages of building the Walnut 4 string fretless bass..

With the finished fully cured, the neck is attached and I start to fit the pickup and hardware. I'm using a Nordstrand Big Split pickup, a Hipshot bridge with Graphtech piezo saddles, Hipshot Ultralite tuners, Titanium neck bolts, and Dunlop flush mount strap locks.

The next job is to make a nut. I cut a small piece of wood from an Ebony offcut, and then using my Veritas edge trimming plane secured in the vice, I plane the edges square, before fine tuning the fit with sandpaper attached a flat surface.

To mark the slots I use a printout of the nut layout, taken from my full CAD plans. Printing them on self-adhesive paper allows me to cut one out, stick it directly to the nut blank and mark out the slots quickly and accurately.

The nut slots are cut to fit the LaBella tapewound strings I'll be using. At this stage the slots are cut just above the final depth, they'll be finished off when the nut is fitted to the bass. Before it can be fitted, the top of the nut is radiused to match the fingerboard, and the edges and corners are rounded over for comfort, and to help prevent the wood from chipping.


With the bass strung up and the setup completed, the final touch is to add the truss rod cover. All that's left to do now is the wiring. I hope to have some finished photos in the Gallery next week.