33'' Fretless - Finishing

Unfortunately, this build was delayed during the summer.. but as last it's now time to complete the final sanding and finishing work. The last job on the body is to chisel out a shallow recess where the bridge will be placed. This recess will allow the piezo saddle wires to move freely when the saddles are adjusted.

Then it's time for sanding.. lots of sanding (followed by more sanding).

To finish the body I'm using a polyurethane based varnish, which I thin down about 50%, and apply with a cloth.

The neck is finished using a varnish/oil blend. It provides less protection than using just varnish, but it provides a superior feeling neck.

In between applying coats of finish, I make a truss rod cover from an offcut of Black Limba. After heating the branding iron up with a small blow torch, I brand a few logos onto the wood, and select the best one to cut and shape into a truss rod cover.

As the wood for the cover is fairly thin, I glue on a small brace to help keep it flat. The Maple brace is carved so that it sits inside the truss rod access slot when fitted to the headstock.

Back to the body.. the varnish has been left over a week to dry fully, and can now be rubbed out using some 0000 wire wool. I use a product called Wool Lube to lubricate the wire wood. I like to mix it with a little water and apply a small amount from a bottle as needed. Lubricating the wire wool makes a big difference, and gives a much smoother finish compared to using it dry.

Finally, I apply a coat of Renaissance Wax to the body..

It's now ready for assembly and wiring, etc. I'll add some finished photos to the gallery section of the website, when the bass is available for sale next month. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below (or via email).