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Workshop Blog:

May 2019

Continuing work on the guitar featured in last months blog entry: The next job on the list is to sand the radius into the Ziricote fretboard. Once that’s complete, the fret wire is radiused, cut to size, and then the tang is removed from the end of each fret and filed smooth. Once the frets are pressed in, they’re trimmed flush with the neck ready to be levelled once the neck has been shaped.

The neck pocket is next to routed. I then mark out the screw hole placement for the bridge(s), before routing out the pickup cavities.

As the customer has specified a very wide string spacing, I’m using ABM individual bridges for this build. The CAD drawing for the bridge layout is printed out on tracing paper to help precisely mark out the positions for the mounting screws. I also drill six additional holes, which go down into a wiring channel (routed into the body blank before the top was glued on), allowing a ground wire to be attached to each bridge saddle.

With the routing now complete, it’s time to put the power tools down and carve out the body contours and shape the neck by hand. Once the frets have been levelled, re-crowned and polished, the neck is glued in place and the guitar is ready for final sanding in preparation for the finish to be applied.

Please check back next month for the third and final blog post on this build.
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