Spalted Hornbeam 5 String

Apologies for the lack of blog activity this summer... as promised in the last blog entry, here's some photos of a build I'm currently working on. Similar to the Black Limba/Walnut bass featured in recent blogs, this will be another 5 string, piezo only bass.

The top wood is quite unusual for this one, it's a bookmatched piece of Spalted Hornbeam. Hornbeam is a native tree, traditionally used for things like tool handles due to the hardness of the timber.. in fact that's where the name comes from - ‘horn’ means hard and ‘beam’ was the name for a tree in old English. Typically the wood is pale and fairly uninteresting, but the spalting (caused by fungus) in this piece has produced a great looking top.

The main body wood is Black Limba, which has been chambered on the pin router..

The scarf joint is cut and then cleaned up with my Stanley no.3. Temporarily attaching the headstock with double sided tape and clamping it in the vice, allows me to plane both faces at the same time and produces a nice clean joint.

Hornbeam veneers cut from the left over top wood, are attached to both faces of the headstock with black veneers added in between.

Back to the body, and the control cavity, bevel and roundover are routed, along with the 'S' hole. The cutter can't get right into the corners of the 'S', so that will be finished by hand.

That's all for now. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.. and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.