Walnut Bass - Body Routing & Drilling

Before routing any cavities, the first thing I cut on the pin router is the 'S hole', using a small spiral cutter. As the cutter/pin can't get into the sharp points of the 'S', it's finished off by hand, using various files and some sandpaper.


The neck pocket is next to be routed, along with the pickup cavity. I'll be using a Nordstrand Dual Coil, in the bridge position.

The bass will have 4 controls in total.. a master volume, a blend control, and tone controls for both the magnetic pickup and the piezo saddles. I begin by using a forstner bit to create a recess for the knob, then with the body still clamped to my drill press table, I switch bits and drill the hole for the shaft of the pot.

Once all the holes have been drilled, I route out the main section of the control cavity on the pin router, before switching templates and routing the recess for the cover.

As you can see, routing the cavity has exposed the bridge wiring channel which I'd previously chiselled out, before the top was glued on.


And then it's time for the final routing task for this bass.. 1/2'' roundover on the back of the body, followed by a 45 degree bevel on the front.

With all the routing complete, I move on to drilling the recessed holes for the neck ferrules. To help prevent any tear-out when drilling, I attach an offcut of mdf in the neck pocket using double sided tape.

A quick test fit to make sure I've drilled everything to the correct depth..

There's just a few holes left to drill... strap buttons, bridge, jack socket and then the body will be ready to be sanded. More updates coming soon.