Guitar Build: Part 1 - Top & Body Wood

Apologies for the lack of blog activity over the winter months, there's plenty of updates to be posted over the next few weeks, starting with something a little different to my normal builds.. a 6 string guitar.

The specification for this build is as follows:

24.75'' scale, 24 frets
Black Limba body wood
Poplar Burl top
Black Limba/Maple neck
Blackwood Tek fretboard
Bare Knuckle 'Abraxas' pickups
Schaller Hannes bridge & M6 Mini tuners

The body will be made from 2 pieces of quarter sawn Black Limba, which are planed and jointed by hand, and then glued together using Titebond Original wood glue.

The Poplar burl top is prepared using the drum sander, which removes any saw marks from the bookmatching process and leaves each piece at a consistent thickness.

As the top wood has been cut from a burl, there's a large number of knots, holes, cracks, etc, with many of these going all the way through the top. These need to be sealed up before the top is glued onto the body in the vacuum bag. Failing to do this will result in the glue being sucked up through the holes under the pressure of the vaccuum, and spilling out onto the top surface.

Before applying any glue, the underside of the top is taped off with application tape. Most holes will be filled with an epoxy/sawdust mix, but to fill a couple of the larger voids, like the one shown below, I carefully cut out sections from the off-cuts and glue them in place.

I'm using Z-Poxy Finishing Resin, a lightweight epoxy, which is a lot easier to sand than standard epoxy resin, making it ideal for grain filling, etc. I mix in some fine sawdust and apply it using a gift card as a squeegee, to force the mixture into the gaps.

Once it's dried, the epoxy is sanded back, and the top is now ready to be glued to the Black Limba body blank.. more updates coming soon.

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