Walnut Bass - Attaching The Top

Before gluing the top to the body I chisel out a channel for the wires which will run from the piezo bridge saddles through to the control cavity. The channel is capped off with a thin piece of Walnut to stop it from filling with glue when the top is attached.

I purchased the English Walnut top from Prime Timber about a year ago, when it arrived I swore I could make out an image of Chewbacca in the grain... too much coffee maybe.

With the top previously joined and sanded, I mark the body outline and rough cut it on the bandsaw, likewise with the black veneer. Before gluing, I place the top and veneer on the body and carefully line up the centre line of the top with the centre of the body and then drill a couple of 1/8'' holes. I tap wooden dowels into these holes, to prevent the top from sliding out of alignment once the glue and clamping pressure is applied.

After applying the glue, the body is placed face down on a flat worktop off-cut, which is covered in parcel tape to prevent the glue squeeze out from sticking. Plenty of clamps and a few cauls are attached, and the body is left overnight for the glue to dry.


The following day the top and veneer are routed flush to the body and the edges are cleaned up on the spindle sander.