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Workshop Blog:

March 2019

Welcome to the new Workshop Blog! I intend to post updates and progress photos of my current builds at least once a month. Your welcome to leave any comments/questions in the section at the bottom of the page. For regular photo updates, you can also follow me on Instagram.

Currently on the workbench is a 4 string bass which I started work on late last year, before taking some time off work over winter. The bass will feature the same specification as the Olive topped 5 string bass which I completed recently, minus the extra string. This isn’t a commissioned build, it will be for sale once finished, so feel free to get in touch if you’re interested, or if you have any questions.

The main body wood is Swamp Ash, and the top is a bookmatched piece of Italian Olive. With the body blank prepared and the top wood attached using the vacuum bag, the body shape is cut and routed to shape, the control and pickup cavities are routed, and finally the edges are routed with a roundover on the back and bevel on the front. (Click on the photos to see larger images).

The neck is made up from 3 pieces of quarter sawn Maple. Once cut, glued and planed to size, the neck blank is placed in a jig and the angle of the headstock is cut on the bandsaw. The headstock is then reduced in thickness, and a block plane is used to prepare the surfaces for gluing.

The truss rod channel is routed and veneers are attached to the front and back of the headstock, with black veneers laminated in between. The headstock is shaped and the tuner holes are drilled. The neck taper is then routed and the slotted Rocklite fretboard is glued to the neck.

After the Luminlay side dot inlays are fitted, the fretboard is radius sanded and the frets are pressed in and trimmed flush.


That’s all for now.. more updates will be posted later this month 😉