Walnut Bass - Shaping & Chambering The Body

Now that the body blank has had time to fully acclimatize (see previous blog post) and has been sanded to it's final thickness, it's time to start work on cutting and shaping the body. Using an acrylic template, I mark the body outline and then 'rough cut' it on the bandsaw, leaving around 2mm of wood to be trimmed off on the router.

A template is attached and the body shape is routed to size on the pin router.

At this stage I also select some dyed black Tulipwood (Poplar) veneer, which will be glued in between the body and top wood. The veneer is jointed and glued to make up the full width.

This bass will be fairly similar to the 4 string Ziricote bass which I built last year, and like that bass this one will also be chambered. The chamber is marked out so I can pre-drill the cavity before routing. This not only saves time routing but more importantly, it means less wear on expensive router cutters.

Another template is attached using double sided tape and the chamber is routed, taking several passes to try and avoid any tear out.

Apart from the small task of cutting a wiring channel for the piezo bridge, the body is now ready for the veneer and top to be attached.. which I'll cover in the next blog entry.