Walnut Bass - Fretlines & Finishing

Here's a quick (long overdue) update on the Walnut 4 string bass:

To line the fingerboard I'm using Maple veneer. After sanding the veneer to the correct thickness on the drum sander, I cut it into strips and then glue it in place with CA glue, and then trim it flush with a sharp chisel.


The final job on the fingerboard is to roundover the edges using a spokeshave, followed by sandpaper. This makes the neck extremely comfortable to play.

After some final sanding, the neck is now ready for the finish to be applied. For this bass, I'll be using one of my favourite finishes, Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil. I use a low lint cloth pad to apply the oil, any excess is wiped off the surface after a few minutes and it's left overnight to dry, before the next coat is applied.