33'' Fretless - Routing The Body

Here's a bit more progress on the 33'' fretless bass, featured in my previous blog post.

After the top had been glued on, it was trimmed flush and then the edges of the body were sanded smooth using a bobbin sander, along with some hand sanding.

The controls on this bass will be very simple, just a volume control and a mini toggle switch, to change between the mid/dark tone settings on the GraphTech preamp. I drill the holes first, then route out the control cavity on the rear of the body.

Next, I route a 1/2'' roundover on the back, and a bevel on the front.

The 'S' hole is also routed out, using a small spiral cutter to ensure a clean cut. The cutter can't get right into the corners, so I finish it by hand, using scalpel to carve out the shape, followed by a file, and finally sandpaper for a smooth finish.  

The last job until the neck is ready, is to drill the holes/recesses for the jack socket, strap buttons, and neck ferrules.

I'll be covering work on the neck in the next update. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.. and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.